Saturday, April 24, 2010

Where has the time gone? This past week marked the last full week of school for students. It's hard to believe we've been in this new place for almost 8 months. Each day is filled with a new activity and adventure. We've had the delight to be "dorm parents" to 82 students this year. Each one is different in their own way. We've enjoyed connecting with them and living in community. It's funny to think that we all live in this dorm together. If we've been at an event together, we walk home together. The thought that we live in the same place is just kind of fun. We walk in and go our separate ways, but it's funny that we all live in this big building together. The knocks on the door and questions I've gotten this year will hopefully never fade from my memory. The first one of the year was a freshman male asking if he could wash his bed sheets with his clothes. The next was helping a student bleach a load of clothes that had been stained by an ink pen from a previous load of laundry. We've had a few knocks on the door of sick students that just needed a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Mom wasn't around to make it for them. This has warmed my heart in so many ways. I like to be called upon, it's nice to be needed. I certainly won't ever forget my own mishap this year. The time that I set the fire alarm off because of blow drying my hair after a mayonnaise mask application. This left me feeling embarrassed and silly. I've had a few female students that I've been mentoring lately. I never really felt that I was mentoring type. God is teaching me so many things. I may not be a councilor with a degree for helping people, but I have found that I have a listening ear. So many of these students are away from home for the first time in their lives. Mom and Dad have always been their comfort. It's been wonderful finding that these students feel comfortable with our family. We're around to talk with them, live in community, and take an interest in their lives. I would have never imagined liking this job. So far, it's been life changing and I'm considered blessed to have this incredible opportunity. Though the school year is coming to an end, another session is upon us. Brandon applied for the summer R.D. position here on campus and just found out that he received it. He'll be busy with another R.D. planning and overseeing the new summer students. We'll also be leaving our first home here in Tennessee. Good ol' Hughes Hall is set for demolition on April 9th. It will be a sad day here. Many students have been able to call this their home for the past 42 years. I know why they all have become attached to it, there's just something extremely special about the students that live here. It will be missed but we're looking forward to living in a new place. We don't know where yet. They still have yet to tell us! We're certain our next home will be perfect. It will be filled with wonderful students and !will have plenty in store for the coming year!


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