Thursday, April 29, 2010

danger on a bike! hudson has been having more fun than ever on this Christmas gift from aunt elizabeth. as you can see, he's standing on this sit down big wheel. he enjoys going from the top of hills to the bottom. if there's an obstacle any where, have no fear, he skids out quickly without ever falling off the bike. we've been enjoying the beautiful weather this april. april showers down here in tennessee have been noticeable, but only for a short time. it seems we'll have a down pour and within and hour or two, the sky clears making way for the beautiful sunshiny skies. payton is into tennis right now. he'll play for hours at a time. it's fun watching him improve his skill. we're hoping to have frequent visits this summer to the community pool here in town. both boys are due for some swimming lessons. bring on the sunscreen, 90+ degree days are in our future. this is our first full summer living as a family outside of michigan. we're looking forward to a michigan visit this june. my friend christa is getting married and she's asked me to be her bridesmaid. i'm honored to have this opportunity. what a beautiful day it will be.


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