Tuesday, August 11, 2009

well, the day finally arrived. my oldest child began school. wow, is it really true? the last week has been full of preparation for payton's (and my) big day. we've never done this before so this was all new. with us just moving here, there have been several extra things we've had to get done. we had to become residents of tennessee, we switched a few health care things around, we've opened new bank accounts and our health records have been sent to a new doctor. i learned that even though there is a tuition for preschool we're still required to provide MANY items for the school classroom for the year including dry erase markers, kleenex, disinfectant wipes, glue sticks, markers and a kindermat for "nap time." i'm still curious to see how they will get payton to go to sleep with all of those toys that surround the room! i've had several different emotions today. first and foremost, i am excited for this new chapter in payton's life. he'll begin new friendships, he'll have other adults guiding him instead of just mommy and daddy each day, and he'll begin to become even more of his own person. i love to think about this. i've thought a lot about my childhood. i've thought about the rough time i had going to school. i HATED school. when i was in kindergarten my mom had to take me out and put me in a different school. i cried incessantly for two whole weeks because i just didn't want to go to school. my poor mom. she ended up breaking out into a rash because of the stress i caused her!
so here we go. i have so much to be thankful for today. thankful that my son is not like i was :) he was such a peach, excited for school for well over 3 weeks. as we were shopping in wal-mart the other day he saw some backpacks in an isle. these backpacks were CHEAP! i mean really, really cheap. they looked cheap, felt cheap and were cheap. they were a solid color and were only $5. payton saw them and was super excited. he wanted one in the worst way. he HAD to have one. we were in need of one so i asked him to pick one out. he chose the black one. yes, the black one. no character on it or design. we brought it home and he wanted to wear it 24-7. he practiced putting all of his school items in it. i'm thankful for this time in my life. he's not seeking a name brand or status booster. he's just little payton being protected by those that love him. i know these years will pass quickly. i don't want to waste them away. it's hard to let him go into the "real" world without me holding his hand. i know God will protect him, it's my prayer every night. life will still bring struggles and hurdles but it's all apart of what makes us who we are. i'm so thankful to be a mom. it makes my world a little sweeter.


Ashley said...

This is beautifully written, Julia. It brought tears to my eyes. Payton is a wonderful little boy with a wonderful, loving, fun Mom. Payton and Hudson are so blessed to have you as their Mother. You are a blessing to everyone you meet! I love you.

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