Tuesday, August 18, 2009

we had a super busy crazy weekend. the students were arriving by the handfuls. brandon was stationed in the lobby of the dorm he oversees. 10am-10pm were his hours. he and his resident assistants welcomed the new students. it was fun welcoming them and meeting their families. these guys all seems to be ready for the new year. i think they are excited about a new adventure in their lives. hudson and payton now have 93 new buddies to play with. payton is mastering "krispie" (frisbee) and hudson has one mean throw! with tennis courts in our front yard, there are always plenty of stray balls hiding out for hudson to find. we're looking forward to a slower week this week. friday through monday were free cafeteria days for our family. the school allowed us to dine for free. i will admit, the cook free days and no dishes to wash routine was lots of fun! now it's back to menu planning and grocery shopping for the fam. a new weeks has begun!


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