Monday, September 08, 2008

I just met with my friend Tiffany at a local coffee shop to talk about the non-profit she started. A few months back she asked me to be a member of the board. I've mentioned a few things about Until Journey's End before. I've been learning more and more about Tiffany as we've had meetings and have had a few get togethers. I was so inspired by our conversation tonight. Tiffany and her husband Jason adopted their two adorable children. Hannah and Isaac are simply adorable. Tiffany began talking about Until Journey's End and what we are about. The word KINDNESS came up more times than I can count while we were conversing. How hard is it to be kind? How often do we show kindness? Random acts can increase your happiness, I am convinced of this. When Tiffany goes to Meijer Hannah enjoys riding the horse at the front of the store. Tiffany always gives Hanna two pennies. One for Hanna and the other to share with another child. Why have I not thought about doing this with Payton? What a fabulous way to teach kindness. I want my children to be kind. I want them to share and be a blessing to others. Tiffany was at the coffee shop the other day and was having a challenging moment with Hannah. just then Tiffany approached the cash register and gave the clerk some cash. She said "this is for the next mom that comes in with a crying child." Wow, Tiffany I look up to you for being so kind. I learned a lot from you and hope I can begin sharing the kindness we all have to give. Hope Revolution has a fun little site to get us thinking about this sort of thing.


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