Sunday, January 13, 2008

My postings sure have been few and far between! It seems that the Holidays allow lots of family time and less time for blog updates! We're doing great. Our Christmas celebrations are now over. Last weekend was the Kerwin Christmas. We had a fabulous time in Detroit at Aunt Barb and Uncle Jake's house. It was great to see all of the family and kids. It seems like just last year that I was the kid at the party! Now we are all starting to have our own. Elizabeth and Mark continued their travel from Detroit to Grand Rapids and joined us for a few days. We had Christmas morning number two last Monday. The kids enjoyed opening more gifts. I think the highlight was playing the Wii that the Peebles received for Christmas. What a machine that is! We've recently met some great baby-sitters. Now that Payton is two, we've decided that having a few "nights out" may be beneficial! I was able to get out with some girls from church this week. How wonderful is that? We even took a little time to visit a local Target. No kids were in tow! All in all, things are great. We await this week a call from the surgeon in Ann Arbor. We then will set up a visit with him to discuss details. We'll keep you posted through the blog with any updates we may have.


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