Sunday, July 29, 2007

Friday night was quite the experience for Payton. He paid his first visit to the one and only Chuck E. Cheese. His feelings for over sized fake dress up animals has not changed. He looks away as soon as he sees them approaching and immediately clenches to us. Luckily, Chuck only came out a few times and each time we were able to avoid him. Payton enjoyed any game that involved a ball. He also loved the kiddie slide. We joined Payton's friends Hitch, Rivers, and Samantha. We're thankful he hasn't begged to go back yet! We may be in luck this time. The above sketch was by Chuck E. Cheese himself! What talent he has. The truck looked cool from a distance to Payton but as soon as the hydrolics became active, Payton wanted out!


Marlena said...

That picture of him says it all! LoL.. I have always thought things like that must I can't imagine what they think of santa and easter scarey.

Holly said...

I am to part of the club TERRIFIED of people dressed up as a character. I just don't think it's funny or cute- just scary! Payton is NOT alone!!

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