Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gatorade is a new staple in our household these days. It's been about 2 weeks now since morning sickness arrived. I do believe it would be more like all day sickness for me. The new job that I have has been put on hold. I called the Doctor yesterday to ask if I was doing the right things. They recommended I drink plenty of fluids. Water does not seem to agree with me at all times so I have switched to Gatorade. Lemonade is the preferred flavor for the day today. I've been prescribed a drug that is used quite frequently with chemo patients. I am so skeptical about taking it because I'm not wanting to harm this precious baby. I will hold out as long as possible and see what happens. I was watching the Baby Story today on TLC. I was reminded all over again about the joys of giving birth and holding such a tiny new life. Children are such a miracle. Be sure check back Monday for pictures from our first ultra sound!


Dan, Tracy & Gracie said...

So sorry about the sickness, I do remember we ran into you at the movies during your first pregnancy and you definitely had a greenish hue about you, I felt so bad for you as i do again. I pray for you to feel better as soon as possible. You are in our thoughts for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

D.V.D. said...

Hey buddy, this is Derek Van Dam! I ran across your blog site through A.J.'s site. Very cool to see you and your family! I hope you are well man. Do you remember when we traveled to Chicago to go see the Dave Matthews Band?!?! SOOO much fun! Anyways, I am doing some mission's work in S. Africa this summer. Check out my blog site and let me know what you think.

Miss ya man, and I hope your well!


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