Saturday, May 29, 2010

a boy and two baseball fields...
two baseball fields you ask? well, we've received our housing assignment for the 2010-2011 school year. it wasn't what we expected, but we couldn't be more thrilled! bowdle and o'bannon are know as the "palace" here on campus. in years past, they housed 2 RD's. for this coming year, they will house nearly 270 students and only one RD will oversee the students. brandon is the lucky RD and payton, hudson, and I are the lucky family that will be living with all these fabulous students. we had a blast last year in Hughes Hall and we can't wait to begin this new semester. now, back to the baseball field comment. payton is overjoyed that we will have 2 baseball fields in our front yard. last year it was tennis courts, this year it's baseball. payton LOVES baseball. i mean, he really loves it. we're looking forward to an exciting new year down here in tennessee. it's good to know where we'll be hanging.


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