Thursday, February 25, 2010

my charming three :)

these three make life fantastic! our life has been full of excitement lately. it's been a year of "firsts" for us with dorm life in full swing. our home of six months is being destroyed in just a few weeks :( this saddens us as we know this dorm has an incredible history. its crazy to think of the amount of students that have lived in this dorm. so many great memories and stories. we just experienced dorm wars. all dorms gather to compete with each other in several different games. the boys liked the "grocery cart race" best. it's an event that takes all year to plan and we enjoyed every minute! we look forward to next years war!
the boys are still enjoying the early learning center here on campus. nana gave payton tuition to take "kindermusik" classes. he's in kindermusik once weekly for the entire semester. he's been LOVING the drum and we frequently listen to the kindermusik soundtrack in the car. i know all the songs by heart. let me tell you, this is some great music! (ok, maybe not, but it's supposedly great for kids. that's all that counts, right?)


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