Friday, November 06, 2009

sweet pic with the donkey, right? i wouldn't call him sweet. read on for details! entering the corn maze!  an amazing rainbow joined our evening at the maze. what a site! it was halloween day and we were trying to decide on a fun activity for the family. the rankin's called and invited us to the mayfield corn maze. what a great idea they had!!! this place was nothing short of fantastic. the weather was dreary and the rain began to sprinkle on us. this sure didn't stand in our way for having fun! when we arrived after a 25 minute ride, we found one other car in the parking lot. things looked grim, maybe this wasn't a good idea...  NO ONE WAS THERE! as we entered the chilly barn to pay the $8 per person charge we really were sketchy about the "fun" that was out in that corn maze! well, i judged too quickly. this place was incredible. a butterfly greeted us at the beginning of the maze. she handed all of us bags to trick-or treat through the maze with. she had a scavenger hunt planned for us as we found our way through the maze. there were several spots along the maze where halloween themed employees filled our bags with treats. after the maze, everyone headed over to the hay. they had mattresses covered in hay for the kids to jump on. about 50 feet over was  a large tent that housed a halloween themed band playing country tunes. a blazing camp fire also lit the sky for all the corn mazer's to enjoy. next, it was time for a hayride through the farm. did i mention NO ONE was here? it was our group and a few extras on the hay ride. the kids thought it was great! after the ride we enjoyed kettle corn and games. this place was a complete hit! we'll be back next year for certain!

ok, so i saved the donkey story for the last portion of this post. this little donkey was adorable. so cute and small. the boys were feeding the donkey grass and we all thought it was cute. it was cute for about 5 minutes until that cute little donkey bit hudson's finger. luckily, he didn't break the skin. hudson's finger was extremely red and you could see the bite mark for quite some time. next time, the little ones will keep their hands inside the fence.


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