Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas morning smiles
Payton's first letter to Santa. I'd say it was more of a drawing!
Sprinkling reindeer dust and food for Santa's reindeer 
Looking a little sick here
A guitar just Payton's size
Our Christmas celebration started on Christmas eve at the Himmelspach's. We ate yummy food, sang Christmas carols, opened presents and watched the kids play and play and play. We continued celebrating when we arrived home. Payton wrote a special letter to Santa and sprinkled reindeer dust and food outside. Payton told me for two weeks straight that he wanted to leave Santa broccoli, grape juice, and popcorn Christmas Eve night. That is exactly what we did and Santa ate everything except a small bite!  Christmas morning was full of excitement. My idea of giving an easel to Payton wasn't such a great idea after all. He could have cared less about it!  Nana spoiled the boys with so many wonderful gifts.  We'll be having fun for weeks! Our friends came over later on in the day and we enjoyed a delicious Christmas feast together. We had big plans to go to the movies. Payton was excited to see Marley and Me. He loves ANYTHING involving animals. Unfortunately, after a long Christmas nap, Payton awoke to a 102 degree temperature. The diagnosis today was bronchitis and an inner ear infection. Poor little buddy. Get well soon Payton! He keeps telling me he has "bless you's" 


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