Friday, August 22, 2008

Still smiling like a goof-ball
Fun times after a summer bath Crazy hair award It's sad to think that summer is soon over. We're trying to squeeze as much fun as we can out of these last few weeks of summer. The boys are doing great. We're constantly moving and never sitting still. Hudson now enjoys opening cupboards and pulling anything off of any table or flat surface. He loves saying Da-Da and mumbling little words. Hudson is extremely dependant on his naps. Without them, he's a bit difficult to be around. Bed time is a strict 7:30 or 8:00. Pass this time and you'll be sorry! Our church meets at 6pm on Sunday evenings. A special thanks to all that have to deal with him during his sleepy time. He isn't always the happiest baby in the nursery. Payton is a happy little man. He loves riding his bike outdoors and kicking his soccer ball. He has a new love for tee-ball. He's pretty good and accurate. We're almost certain he's a lefty like his Mom. He's still calling me "Julia". I thought it was a phase he would pass through quickly. I'm beginning to think otherwise. He's been on this kick for about 3 months now. Brandon is on week 2 of his new job. He's signed one pharmacy so far to sell the product. He continues to search the market and seek out pharmacies. We're excited to have some new "neighbors". Josh, Shelly, Noah, Zoe, and Ephram will be just a few blocks away now. They have such a fun and wonderful family. Sending good wishes for a fabulous weekend!


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