Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun in the sun with Aunt Allison and her girls! My Aunt Allison is also my Godmother. She lives a long distance away but we've always found a way to stay close. Her girls are so sweet and adorable. We enjoyed the 95 degree day today out on the beach. I have to admit, I've been terrible about going to the beach this year. We are so fortunate to have the beach nearby. I hope to utilize it more throughout the remainder of the summer. Today was Hudson's first beach experience. The water was a bit cold for him at first and he seemed a little stunned as the water washed up onto his legs. It didn't take long though before he was smiling and enjoying himself. He had a few mouth fulls of sand and didn't seem to mind it. Payton stayed out of the water and chased the seagulls and birds. He enjoyed digging and crawling through the sand.


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