Friday, June 27, 2008

Loving my freedom!
Pajamas on the deck!
Would you agree with me that Hudson looks just about as big as Payton? My goodness, Hudson has grown by leaps in the past month! He's outgrown everything. We're trying to get used to this. Payton was always such a little tyke. He followed his age for clothing. Hudson on the other hand is completely different. In just the past few days I've found myself having so much fun with both of them. Don't get me wrong, I always enjoy being with them but it's even better when I can sit back and watch them play together. Yes, I said it... they are now playing together. For months Payton has not liked Hudson very much. Payton would much rather have the attention on himself than his little Brother, who wouldn't? I think he has turned around though. He calls him "Baby Hudson" all of the time. He enjoys picking out toys for him and handing them to him. He tried to teach him how to do a somersault today! Talk about cute. We're looking forward to our weekend having Brandon home. He's off for the entire weekend! Yippee! The first time in 7 months.


Anonymous said...

Brooks family, I do not remember how I came across your web site but here I am. You have a beautiful family. What a mighty God we serve. You little boy looks like he is doing VERY well so soon after surgery. Praying that he continues to do well. I was also wondering if you still have the puppies avaiable? My husband and daughters have fallen in love. If you do, do you have the one on the right in the picture?(the tan one) And how much are you asking for them? We are in GR. God Bless!! Todd, Michelle, Olivia and Avery Hilton
You can email us at

Tiffany Evans said...

It's so funny that you mention that the boys are starting to play together...Hannah and Isaac are starting to spend more time exchanging toys and "talking". I love it!

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