Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ok, so the pictures are a bit jumbled up here. I'm not certain about blogger placement. Anyway, as you can see we had a great time gathering with some old friends. Brandon has kept ties with Dave, Anthony, Jason, and Jake. They have remained close friends over several years. It's tough getting everyone together at one time. We're so glad everyone was able to make the trip. I was able to meet Anna Mae for the first time. She is absolutely precious and she traveled all the way from Kentucky to see us. Addison came all dressed in her swim suit and looked adorable. We look forward to the next get-together. Maybe next time in Chicago?


rupards said...

Ok, so it was great to see the crew..Thanks for the photos Julia, I cut and paste them off your site on to ours..Definitely getting together with everyone made it hard to leave G.R. I try to tell myself though, had it been February I could have handled the emotions better..We love ya, Anthony and Natalie

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