Saturday, June 16, 2007

Brandon came across some photo albums that his Mom put together for him from childhood. It's been a while since we paged through them and reminisced about the memories. It was fun to look at pictures of his Mom and Dad. I wasn't able to meet Brandon's Dad but I've only heard fabulous things about him. Brandon's Mom told me that Brandon was his pride and joy. He would talk about Brandon with his work buddies all of the time. Brandon's Dad was so proud to have a son. It makes me smile when I come across pictures of Brandon's Dad with a certain t-shirt on. It's a t-shirt with a cute BIG picture of Brandon displayed on the front of it. He certainly loved his little boy. Brandon's father passed away in a construction accident when Brandon was in High School. From time to time Brandon mentions memories and thoughts of his Dad, all of which are positive and humorous. It is on this Sunday that we all celebrate the Dad's in our life. Though both our father's have passed, we cherish the memories that we still have. God provided us both with tremendous father's. We are blessed that one day we will reunite with them again. We know that both our Dad's would be so proud of our little Payton. If only they could be here to play with him and tell him how much they love him. We look forward to the day when they can.


Holly said...

Wow. Somehow I did not know you had both lost your dads. How they must be smiling down on precious little Payton!!

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