Sunday, May 20, 2007

It has been a great weekend. Julia, Payton and I went down to Dayton Ohio to visit Julia's sister and family and I was able to sneak down to Lexington, KY to see the birth of Anna Mae Rupard. I arrived at the hospital, found their room, knocked on the door, and was told they are having the baby right now. Thankfully I did not barge my way in. All I heard was cheering and clapping and "It's a girl." I am so happy for Anthony and Natalie. Anna Mae was 19 in long and 5lbs 12oz. Such a beautiful little baby. Now both my close friends Anthony and Jason D. have been blessed with healthy beautiful baby girls. Two great choices for Payton's first girlfriend. He will have a tough time choosing. I wish them both the best. If you get a chance stop by Anthony's site and share his joy. I have it linked in our site here.


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