Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wow, one more on the way and it's still a shock! We've been enjoying sharing the news with just about everyone that wants to hear it. Some feel it is odd that we are sharing so early on. Our excitment just can't seem to be hidden. We've decided to once again find out what we are having. I can't stand not knowing. I already have the baby bedding picked out. Only 14 weeks until we can purchase the set! I'm still having to remind myself every now and then that I am pregnant. It was only a day ago that we found out and it slips my mind quickly. We feel so blessed to have been given the gift of pregnacy twice now. About an hour after we found out I found myself more thankful that ever. I thank God that he has given us this gift, I am forever grateful. I didn't cry when we found out. I was over joyed but quickly began to think of what needed to be done. It wasn't until I picked Payton up after his 2 hour nap that I began to be emotional. I explained to Payton that he was going to be a big brother in just a few months. A tear came down my face as I promised him that I will love him forever even though another baby is going to join our family.


DaveKerwin said...

so you get nautious yet? :)


Marlena said...

Oh congradulations guys! children are such a blessing! I'm so excited to know what you are having :-) Please keep us posted, as I know you will!

The Johnsonian said...

Nice work, guys!

Zac, Penny & Hank

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