Saturday, February 03, 2007

Winter in Michigan is always unpredictable. Our Christmas tree hunt less than two months ago was green and dry. No snow was in sight and Brandon wore a short sleeve shirt. Today, however was quite different. The fence in the backyard is no longer visible. The snow is so high that you cannot see it. This picture was taken this afternoon. Lola loved leaping through the snow piles and sticking her head as far into the snow as possible. We decided to let Lola outside without a leash today. We figured the only motor powered vehicle on our road would be a snow mobile. (this is no joke, we've been seeing them traveling up our street all day long). She returned quite quickly. This was shock. I told her to sit for a treat. I figured she deserved it. She couldn't sit though. I'm certain this is because of the accident she had last year. I'm thinking this is a lesson to myself. Don't let her outside without a leash. The last time I made this decision she was struck by a vehicle and almost lost her legs. Malls, stores, churches, roads, well pretty much everything is closed. Even the public bus route is cancelled. Payton stayed in his pajamas all day and enjoyed watching Nana shovel the foot of snow that we received throughout the day. The blizzard continues and so does our wind chill which is below 0.


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